Shell says –

Last summer I counted around 15 Gold Finches in our garden and I’m pleased to say we still have around the same amount in the warmer weather.

I am very pleased they survived the harsh weather and they certainly love sunflower hearts. I have also noticed a few will eat crushed nuts but the majority stick to the SH.

During warmer weather ours will eat Niger Seed too.

With regard to all the other species we have in the garden, we’ve noticed the average amount. So I agree feeding them has kept them strong.


I’m sure that if Shell hadn’t put bird food out there would have been many less goldfinches and other birds in her garden.  Bird feeding does help birds survive.  The same birds will be building nests now!

Shell has been watching this video and it takes us back to winter!

If you click on the link below it will take you to a winter video!



As it was such a bad winter I think we’ll appreciate the good weather more.  I know I will


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