Trying to make a safe feeding area for blackbirds, thrushes and smaller garden birds

There are many enclosed feeders that keep squirrels, pigeons and larger birds away from bird food

What I have found is that a lot of these feeders keep blackbirds and thrushes away from the food as well, which is a pity.

Last year I put some canes round a birdtable and that let blackbirds and thrushes inside as well as the smaller garden birds. 

Am trying different ways.  Haven’t got it right yet, but am working on it this weekend.  The circle needs to be bigger, but the canes still as close together.

Have already had loads of sparrows squashed inside feeding,plus one or two blackbirds putting their beaks in.  This is too small for blackbirds and thrushes, so will work on it.

Trying to make a garden bird sanctuary

Trying to make a garden bird sanctuary

Any tips welcome

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