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Hi folks,  Internet problems sorted –   but   back and neck problems still here!

Have just been outside to put the first batch of bird food onto the tables and feeders.

It’s a hive of activity out there.  Yesterday I saw large crows with large twigs in their beaks to use for making a nest, then a moment later I saw two sparrows pop in and out of one of  a nest  box.

New life is springing up all around!  The hedges are budding, the grass is growing the sun is shining.

Have a good day



Hi folks,  Am having internet problems – as well as back and neck problems!!

Please don’t foresake me and my garden birds.  It will only  be for a day or two .

Please keep sending comments about anything birdy,  as I’ll pick them up when this problem is sorted 

I’ll still be feeding the birds every day and watching as they pop in and out of the nest boxes



For the last couple of weeks almost continually throughout the day we have
had a little blue tit flying at our dining room windows.

flying into them and just going up & down the full length of  the windows.

Although very novel at the start it is becoming tiresome now and furthermore upsetting the wife.

Isn’t that a strange thing.   I  replied

Hi,  Just a quick reply before I look into it a bit more.

Could you keep the curtains closed.  Do you have any window stickers ?

I heard of one bird trying to get at some putty that was in a window. Are
yours plastic window frames.

If it is continuous during the day then when will it feed?  very strange
Will be in touch later


 Harry –

thanks for the speedy reply,
But I have tried what you suggest and it does not work.

Today I am going to try and cover the outside of the window albeit just temporarily with something stuck on the glass.

There are no window stickers and yes they are plastic and have been for years without any trouble.

Still at a loss as too the reason but the poor little bird seems very distressed about the whole  affair.I will keep you posted if you do not mind.Two heads are better than  one especially in this case as I have never heard or seen anything as
strange as this which there appears to be no let up.

Speak soon ,thanks again, Harry

My reply

About half an hour ago a pal gave this reason  Birds attack shiny surfaces
because they see their own reflections. With windows the bird sees a
reflection of the outside – maybe trees, sky and another bird (which is in
fact itself)  Your blue tit maybe has mistaken its own reflection for a
competitor for its own  mate or for the area of land where your bluetit
lives.  So it thinks it is defending its own territory against an intruder.
It could damage itself,but it is also a waste of energy.   The ‘reflected
bird’ will always be behind the glass of course, so your blue tit can’t win

maybe your idea to cover the outside of the window is right. 

Hi Harry,   Suggestion has come my way that if you use cling film on the
window that stops the reflection,  But  I cannot imagine that.  Once you
stop the reflection  then the  the birds automatic behaviour stops

It also seems that some birds attack different windows depending on where
the sun is reflecting on thewindow.

Apologies I did not know this myself. 



Please let me know if you know of other reasons for this strange behaviour


I live on a farm and we have been lucky enough to have had someone from the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds doing a Bird Survey.

He’s been very professional and has walked the fields recording the information in a very organised way.

We are both equally interested in the amazing life of birds.

Among the birds he has seen are Curlews,  a  number of skylarks, buzzards, and a short eared owl.

He works full time and does this on a Volunteer Basis.   This survey covers the whole country.

The scheme is good because it combines the enthusiasm of birdwatchers and the interest of farmers to put together a ‘picture’ of farm birds on the land.

This is a great way to identify and then start helping these farmland birds


A little note –  I’ve had a bad knee and a bad back – once  it would have been easy for me to walk round the fields – hopefully I’ll get things sorted soon.


What a brilliant idea – a birdfeeder with a camera attached from HandyKam

Bird feeder and high resolution colour CCD camera

I spend ages watching the birds feeding on the hanging bird feeders while I’m having a cuppa or at the computer.

How great to be able to see them in close up as the different birds flit on and off the feeder.  I get chaffinches, sparrows, blue tits, great tits on and off the feeder all day.  It’s a hive of activity and to be able to see them in close up colour would be great

We can  watch, learn and enjoy

It has full plug in and play kit features

  • Fully assembled, strong 18mm FSC Cornish Cedar
  • Well made and unique design to attract and help birds feed easily and quickly.
  • Full recommended size (Specifications by BTO, RSPB etc)
  • Bird friendly, hand finished, non toxic teak oil treated outside
  • High performance partly mineral felted roof with 20 years life expectancy
  • Well built with Stainless steel screws
  • Hinged roof for quick access and NEW improved robust latch
  • Internally concealed ceiling for ease of installation and to keep cables away from birds

 Bird feeder and high resolution colour CCD camera

The price is £69.95.

The price includes 20m of cable with the choice of upgrading to 50 m of cable for £13.95


Connection type  –  TV  is included in the price

There is a connection type for TV+ PC USB which is an extra £29.95

There is a connection type for TV and Mac USB which is an extra £36.95


Click on the link below for more details –




The hedgerows are starting to bud.  The soft green buds are beginning to cover the bare brown branches.

Winter was so harsh this year and  as I see the small blue tit and the tiny wren I marvel at their ability to

survive such a harsh winter.    All birds and wildlife must have needed endurance last winter!

The garden birds have gone food mad lately, but it’s good to see that they are lively and energetic –

ready to start a new family – and so the circle of bird life continues

It’s good to see that the bird food and scraps I put out is helping (except when the crows arrive) – the

crows are even trying to get bird food out of the hanging feeders.

We have a lot of blackbirds in the garden – they will be building their nests , grass lined, cereal dish size and the eggs a grey- green mottled with brown.  The song thrushes nest is a similar size but deeper and lined with mud.  The bird boxes all seem
to be in use.  I see sparrows flitting in and out of them, or perched nearby on a branch – but I can’t get a good
photo of them.

Click the link to find out about some of the bird food I use – 




Here’s a photo of a spoke person for the British Birds – or should I say a chirpsperson!

The thrush is saying – ‘Keep on putting bird food out – even a few scraps from your fridge help.   We don’t have supermarkets to go to ‘


I’m really proud of this photo- I may get a copy framed.