‘Don’t put that plant  outside because all those pesky sparrows always eat the pansy petals.  What a nuisance they are. Pesky sparrows – why are there so many of them?’

It’s Mothers Day and  for the first time in ages I went to a Mothers Day Service at the village Church.  It was a happy affair with children singing and clapping a song.  There were also hymns and prayers.  There were candles that people lighted in memory of mothers or any special person who were no longer here on Earth

At the end of the service we were all given a pansy plant in a pot.

One pal of mine said to me ‘Don’t put that plant  outside because all those pesky sparrows always eat the pansy petals.  What a nuisance they are. Pesky sparrows – why are there so many of them?’

Sparrows eating pansy flower petals?  I was curious and have been reading. I’ve found out that although the pansy is a relatively trouble free plant sparrows sometimes do eat pansies.  I will let you know what happens to mine.


  1. Shell

    This reminds me of a little while back when I saw a Green Finch pecking away at a Primrose! It was just pecking at the flower heads and dismantling them. I thought it looked unusual.

  2. kaya

    i have a birdfeeder on my little balcony and lately to my horror(!) the sparrows have started demolishing all my primrose petals when the birdfeeder is empty. have i started a disaster? what should i do?!

  3. Trish Post author

    The sparrows could be hungry. Also, I read somewhere that sparrows extract juice from primroses, so you could make sure there is always some water there for them as they could be thirsty . You could fill the feeder more often if that is possible.

    If you really don’t want the sparrows visiting you could put something up that moves in the wind and will stop them visiting.

    It is a hectic time for all birds, the nesting season is here and they are using a lot of energy feeding themselves, making a nest and just trying to survive. Maybe pansies appear at just the right time of year to help sparrows survive. Maybe that is the wonder of nature. Trisha

  4. Ruth Capocci

    I too have lost loads of primal petals to cheeky house sparrows… They seem to love the blue ones but they haven’t demolished the yellow or red ones… I find it most peculiar because the only chomp on the main colour but leave the yellow centres! Are they just discerning diners?

  5. Trish Post author

    I still find it amazing what birds eat. You have called the sparrows ‘discerning diners’. It could be that they are. We don’t know, but I do remember reading that birds do need herbs / certain plants that are in the wild and other natural things to keep healthy and to breed healthily. I think I’ll look into it more. thank you for getting in touch and telling us what you’ve seen.

  6. Casey

    Lobelia flowers, bright red petunias and viola flowers have all disappeared overnight during the last week. The petunias may have been eaten by the chickens but the violas are not within their reach.

  7. Rebecca Burton

    This is interesting to me as my pansies have had lots of petals eaten off before even the flower has opened up properly. I only have purple and white ones. I wonder if they can’t see certain colours. Eg honey bees can’t see red or white. I shall have to grow other colours out of curiosity now.

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