Have seen sparrows collecting nesting material.  

There is an old nest box on a tree near our garden and I’ve seen some sparrows taking a  look 

As I write this two sparrows are sitting on top of the oldest nest box we have put up.  ~they are obviously nesting there.  I nearly took this nest box down last year as the wood is cracked from top to bottom.  It doesn’t seem to bother the sparrows and  they are having a frenzie of activity around this nest box

One sparrow has just popped in and then popped out again.  They are both now sitting on a bare branch nearby.  They are never still for a minute.

I suppose the good thing about this bird box is that is is very close to the birdtable!

One of the sparrows has a small piece of grass or twig in its beak and has flown into the nest with it.

Winter is really over.

In one of the newer nest boxes have just this minute seen the tail end of a bird enter the nest box  ~Wonder what bird this is

Musn’t forger to clean these bird boxes out at the end of the season.  I know some of them have been used as roosts in the winter for the garden birds to keep warm through the winter nights.

From my kitchen window I can see 5 nest boxes that we’ve put up over the years. I think two need taking down as they look dilapidated.  Wonder if they will all be used this year.  I’ll keep my eyes open.

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