Hedges can provide nests, shelter and food

Nest sites for birds are important, but just as important is places where birds can shelter.

A thick row of bushes or trees gives birds really good protection against wind, rain and snow.

We have a laurel hedge that has a wooden fence behind it. This gives two fold protection. The hedge stops the bad weather and the fence gives ‘double insulation’.

My laurel hedge is not as healthy as it was. I want to get it sorted, but it’s made me think about planting another hedge for the future.

Some of the hawthorn hedges nearby be are, I’m sure, older than me! They give shelter to a lot of birds.

When I was a youngster we played along the grass verges and hedgerows. The hedges were mature and old then – about 50 years ago. They were our playground. These same hedgerows are still there – just the same as they were 50 years. ago. So goodness knows how old they are. But it is certain that for over 50 years these hedges have been giving birds food and shelter. Whoever planted them should have got a medal.

If you plant a hedge it is there for years.

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