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A while ago I wrote about the time when I saw a


I have had two different opinions and have put them below.  What do you think?  Let me know

Mehr says –

it’s amazing that so many people like birds, but not sparrowhawks!!! they are birds to, and amazing ones, and since i have worked all my life with birds, and studied hawks, I can tell you that they play an importent part in the ecosystem, otherwise they wouldn’t be there.

god/nature created the birds, and also the hawk for a purpose, and we are not the ones to judge or interfere.

i can asure you it is a highly natural and expected death for the samll birds to die by a hawk, but to get hit by a car, shot, poisoned or overfedd to death is a humilating one.

what you did, trying to scare the hawk away is not nice, how can you want to save one and kill the other?? respect and love nature, as a entire system, not just the part that is cute and accpetable for your personal gain in feelings….


A reply from Shell to the same article –

I just wish life was fairer on the smaller birds. Now, if it was a cat prowling around and attacking a Sparrowhawk are you saying we should just let nature take its course? It’s natural for cats to hunt birds and other small animals as they are also natural born hunters but it isn’t nice to see anything being killed.

A Sparrowhawk hunts to survive but when it visits someone’s garden and feeds off the birds time and again, day in day out how can that make a bird lover feel? How many birds does a SH eat in a day? If they eat several then that’s several garden birds down, over a space of a week we are probably talking in our tens or even twenties, or more.

I have seen other animals attacked by big birds and then left half eaten, even if that.

I heard a SH kill a Starling and it was the most horrendous sound, the frightening cries of the Starling and its desperation to get away so you can’t blame people feeling sad about losing smaller birds.

We have also had a Buzzard visit and it was by no means as persistent as the SH. I think the Buzzard might have took over the territory of the SH because it has not been here for a while. The Buzzard did not stop by and goes hunting elsewhere.

 just read a news article about 75 Starlings crash landing and they assumed the birds had been chased by a predator like a Sparrowhawk.

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My reply –

Songbirds are declining in number.  Sparrowhawks are rising in number.  Sparrowhawks do not have any natural predators.  Songbirds have a lot of natural predators.  I agree nature created birds and hawks – but in any situation it is bad to have an inbalance – too many predators to too few prey.

I have heard so many first hand experiences of sparrowhawks decimating hedges with birds in and attacking any birds that landed on bird tables – causing blood to be all over the bird table.


Do you have any opinions or thoughts on this?