Daily Archives: March 8, 2010


It’s 6am and have just put some grated cheese out on the ground and on the ground feeder.  I’ve found if I put the cheese and a bit of bird food out early then the only birds that appear are the blackbirds followed by thrushes.

If I put the cheese out later in a morning we get  quite a few pigeons, starlings and crows getting the cheese. 

I find the cheese goes nearly as soon as I put it out.  The blackbirds appear from all over the place.  They usually hop swftly towards the food as soon as I put it in the garden., with the thrushes joining in.

The blackbirds often come quite close to me as they perch on the fence – I think the prospect of a bit of cheese makes them brave.  I can see the brightness of the feathers as we look at each other for a second.

A robin has just hopped onto the empty birdtable.

There isn’t any activity as the nest boxes yet.  There is still a quietness in the garden.

There  is frost about this morning.  The grass is covered with f rost and the water bowl is frozen but I think the sun will soon be out and the frost will disappear. 

Time for breakfast before I fill up the birdtable