Daily Archives: March 3, 2010


We’ve just put a nest box.  Maybe should have put it up earlier, but this is one of the jobs that got forgotten.  Will be interesting to see if it is used this year.  It looks very neat among all the old nest boxes

One of the reasons I chose this nest box was because it only had one nail fastening the lid down, so it should be easy to open when we clean it out at the end of summer. 

Did I do right?  The nest box lid is not sealed from the elements.  There was one that had a tile roof and was really fastened down but I could not see how it could be cleaned out.  

Any advice is welcome from anyone who reads this.


Another reason I chose this nest box is because it has openings at the base that will let any rain run out of the box – so keep the nest box dry.  

I have heard of fledgling drowning in nest boxes when the rain enters and slowly fills the nest box,  But again – have I chosen the right nest box.  Should I have got one where the base was totally sealed.  Again any knowledge, tips and advice welcome.


New nest box  - better late than never

New nest box waiting for a family