Grey squirrels are vermin.  They eat baby birds and eggs.  They kill trees by gnawing through the bark and making them susceptible to infection and fungus, so in conservation areas they are often killed.

Red squirrel numbers have reduced because the grey squirrel is out-competing them.  They are larger and stronger than the red squirrel

At the moment I daily see grey squirrels in among the trees near our garden.

They are coming onto the birdtable again and roaming round the garden.   They don’t seem to show any fear and leisurely leave the garden if I appear.

It is estimated that there are three million grey squirrels in Britain.  They must cause so much damage  to the bird population – and what good do they do?

Surely if they are left to grow unchecked they will do more damage – as well as eating more bird food they will eat more bird’s eggs and kill more young birds.

Grey squirrels must reduce the number of songbirds in Britain. By killing young birds and eating eggs they must reduce the number of birds.  I have been watching a squirrel leap from branch to branch, run down a tree, run up a tree.  They do this with such ease.  How can a small songbird escape. They can’t.

If we say that one squirrel only eats one bird’s egg a year – that is 3 million birds eggs that have been destroyed.  Three million birds that will not live.

It is perfectly legal to kill grey squirels.  I believe the only law about killing grey squirrels is that if they are caught in a live trap they must be killed humanely and not released

Mmmm.  I will give it some thought



  1. tim

    The gray sqirrel is closely related to the rat, yes, they can look lovely when young scanpering around with there flying tales, but they cause considerable damage both to wild life and to trees and the environment, they are actually inherently inteligent and unless active get bored very quickly, they are certanly not pond life but a very much higher order of mental faculty that makes it a shame to kill them, they seem to take a delight in annoying people with a ‘can’t catch me’ attitude, all that has changed were I live, I have recently started to trap the family of 5 gray sqirrels in the woods at the back of the 4 houses in my caldisack, for my opening action after some difficalty setting the sensitivity of the trap I trapped the maiting pair together, they were aggresive and gralled like a dog when approached, they were finished by a nabour with gun fire, since then two of the three ofspring have been cought and taken out all in 6 days, to the best of my knoledge there is only one to go and I will have taken out the entire family. we used to have a family of red sqirrels in the woods and fed them peanuts with a feeder, then we found we were feeding the mice and rats so some simpleton desided to put down rat poison and that almost certanly killed the red sqirrels and the grays moved in, if we kill of the grays there is a good chance the red sqirrel will return as is happening in scotland, so I am hoping to get rid of all the grays in the area, they do not belong here and were delibratly intreduced by some irrisponsible idiot in the 19th centuary who thought it was clever, I have not tride it yet but apparently they make good sqirrel pie so that might be worth doing.

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