Please Feed Fat to Birds

Guest Post – which is in reply to a comment made on BBC Breakfast site that fat should not be fed to birds. 

I would like to make a clarification in the hope that we do not confuse and therefore stop people feeding birds.

Solid lard wether bought or produced from cooking such as beef, lamb etc should be fine just remember not to leave them for days if the birds don’t consume them.

Not everyone is lucky enough to have lots of birds visiting their garden butby putting out a little fresh food each day you will see more and more birds visiting your garden/patio.

If you don’t have any bought bird food please do put out what lefovers but make sure

  • they are not left for long,
  • put them on a tray so it can be cleaning off regularly
  • and replace with fresh food stuff

If you do this  you should find you are rewarded with the sight of birds feeding regularly.

Also please don’t forget those of you who own cats please put a bell on their collar.

Cheers L


Thanks for that.  It is really clear and useful advice. Cheers.

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