I have never been able to afford a camera nest box as I seem to spend enough money on bird food and don’t have any left for such a luxury

If you would like to treat yourselves to a nest box that also have a camera in why not try this reasonaly prices Gardman Camera Nest Box

Gardman have a good reputation in bird food and bird care


  1. Elaine

    Has anyone got any comments good and bad about the gardman camera nest box. We have just bought one and we
    are putting it up at the weekend. we have tried it on the tv and it even has sound. Really easy to clean. Many thanks


  2. Trish Post author

    Hi Elaine, I never managed to buy a gardman camera nest box.

    I haven’t been able to find a good balanced review, but I have never heard anything bad about them.

    I’ll go onto a bird forum or two and ask the question

    MEANWHILE – Would you like to write what good and bad points you found about this Gardman Camera Nest Box.

    Not a review as such just make notes about putting it up and getting it going. The good and bad things. Then send it to Bird Table News. I’d be interested. I think other people would as well.

  3. Gillian White

    Hi Tricia, We got a camera bird box from Gardman and frankly we were very dissapointed. We did not get any visitors to the box, there was no footage and the box then fell apart within the first year. We then bought a camera bird box and we were stunned with the quality. The birds use it every week, managed to see a brood and look forward to next year. May be a good idea to do a review of their boxes. Thanks Trish from Gillian

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