A weak and hungry barn owl found on a road on the edge of a town in North Yorkshire has given conservationists a surprise

The barn owl was picked up from the roadside and taken to a Veterinary Centre in Pickering. They got in touch with a Barn Owl Conservation network.

The barn owl was put in a warm box and left with food. He was very thin but did not have any injury.

The really bad weather we have had would have made it hard for owls to find food. They have to search the countryside and the countryside has been covered in snow and this means the owls cannot see their prey.

The Barn Owl was ringed and from that ring number the British Trust for Ornithology found out the date that the barn owl had been ring.

The Barn Owl had been ringed on June 17th 1997.

It is 13 years old!

This has surprised conservationists who thought that barn owls only live 3 or 4 years. this has been one lucky Barn Owl

It must know the countryside round Pickering so well. every hill and dale and every tree and shrub! It was lucky to have been picked up and taken to a Vets. The person could so easily have passed by and ignored the owl.

A 13year old barn owl!. Wow. I see barn owls around here. They certainly add something to the countryside. Their white shape in the night sky always seems to link me to nature.

I wish this Barn Owl a long and problem free life.

As it happens the person who ringed the bird is still doing conservation work in the area.


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