Marjorie asked

I have bought my 10 year old grandson a bird table for Christmas.  He is home educated and is fascinated with the birds who have now started coming into our garden to the bird table.
We have put out grated cheese, a coconut fat thingy, a fat ball and some bird nuts.
Yesterday he read in his book that sunflower hearts are popular.
The birds don’t seem to want the bird nuts and they have been left untouched.
Can someone tell us why that is?  Is it because the nuts are too large

I replied

Thanks for getting in touch. It’s great that your grandson likes feeding birds and is fascinated with them.  There are so many sizes and colours aren’t there?  Only certain birds like peanuts and if you aren’t getting that type of bird at your feeder then they won’t be eaten.

Is the cheese being eaten?  I bet it is.
Sunflower hearts are really good enery food for birds.
If you click on this link you will see a list of some birds that do like sunflower hearts

If you click on thE  link below it gives a list of the favourite bird food of some garden birds

Below is a link to soft bill bird food.  Some birds have beaks that can only eat certain food.  Soft bill food helps these birds



Hope that info helps you.  I’m really pleased your grandson is enjoying watching birds

If you click on the link below you will be able to hear some birdsong.  At the end of the article there is a DVD of birdsong for sale, in case your grandson would like to listen to some birdsong


It’s really great that your grandson is fascinated by birds.  It is a link to nature which must be good.



I had another question that asked about GM bird food.  What is your opinion

I am having the same problem. The birds aren’t eating the bird seed. Do you think that the seed is genetically modified? I read somewhere that chickens won’t eat GM chicken feed. The animals must know that GM foods are not safe.

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