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I have never been able to afford a camera nest box as I seem to spend enough money on bird food and don’t have any left for such a luxury

If you would like to treat yourselves to a nest box that also have a camera in why not try this reasonaly prices Gardman Camera Nest Box

Gardman have a good reputation in bird food and bird care


It isn’t too late to put up nest boxes in your garden.

Putting out bird food brings birds to a garden.  Putting up a nest box makes it possible for birds to breed in your garden.

It is best to buy a nest box that does not have a perch outside. Perches attract predators. As birds perch on the perch this gives a predator (cat or bird of prey) opportunity to attack the birds as it is perched outisde.

Here are two low priced yes reliable bird boxes that you can have delivered to your door.
They will give you enjoyment throughout the summer as you watch the comings and goings of birds nesting inside.

Why not give it a go?