Daily Archives: February 14, 2010


I’ve been lucky enough to receive the comment below.  It’s great they enjoy watching birds and the natural world. 

One of the things I wondered was why only two swallows nested. Each year more and more swallows return but only two swallows nest.  Can anyone give an answer or help with this puzzle.

I wondered if it was lack of nesting sites.

For the past 4 years we’ve had a pair of swallows make their nest on our front porch.

One year they had 8 young in 2 different hatchings.

Last year they appeared on March 18 I can’t wait to see how close they come to that date this year.

Also I notice that each year we have more and more birds returning I’m assuming its the babies but they all fly about and sit on the lines but only one pair build a nest. Although at night I’ll find 6-10 sleeping around the nest.

One year one baby was not getting fed we fed it wet dog food on a stick with toothpick and it made it to maturity. My little girl thinks their her pets. God has given us so many treasures to enjoy.