I made a note on Bird Table News of the last time I bought some bags of bird food.  Here is the article –


The date I last bought a 12.75kg GUARDMAN NO MESS SEED MIX – Price £15.49  was on 31st JANUARY 2010!  It is now 21st February 2010.

It has only lasted 21 days!  And I buy other bird food as well.

I thought it would have lasted longer than that.


This Guardman No Mess Seed Mix can be fed on the ground, on birdtables and in bird feeders.  It is a useful, good quality bird food.  I suppose that is why I have used to much – I have been putting it in three places every day.

I suppose it works out at just under £1 per day.

But it still begs the question is it right that wild birds rely so much on my bird food.  Also I won’t always be able to put bird food out as I do now.

Yet on the other hand – when I see small  ‘flocks’ of a variety of birds doing aerobatics round the bird feeder and frantically pecking at this bird food on the bird table  and in the feeders I know I must be doing a bit of good. 

Seeing these birds so close together the different colours of these garden birds often amazes me.  The blue tit, the chaffinch, the robin, the sparrows, blackbird, thrush.  There is blue, white, orangy, black, brown, red, yellow (beaks) all flitting before my eyes.  They do leave a trail of colour near the bird feeders

As I live in the countryside the fields and scrub areas nearby provide a habitat for many birds.  And these birds just have to flit over the fence from the field to my garden.


Another bag of bird food that I bought on 31st January was 

It is a seed mixture that includes sunflower, dari and millet.  It is for seed feeders.  This bird food  attracts a lot of birds including  Great Tits and Coal Tits, blackbirds, chaffinches, greenfinch, goldfinch, doves, starlings, tree sparrows and house sparrows

This bird food cannot be put in bird feeders, but I do put it on the bird table and ground feeder every day. 

I also like this bird food as it is blended to feed a lot of birds

I still have a lot of this bird food left as I don’t put it in the bird feeders.

As I’m writing this there is a chaffinch on the bird table.  It’s been there for a few minutes pecking away – now a female blackbird has taken over the bird table and a sparrow has now joined it and the chaffinch has flown away.  I wish I had my camers as  watching a sparrow and blackbird  close together  you get a good view of the exact difference in size.  It’s a bit like Little and Large

Have a good day.

2 thoughts on “12.75kg GUARDMAN NO MESS SEED MIX

  1. noreen moss

    why am i having trouble finding no mess with
    insects in the green/purple bag. the only one
    avavilable at present is not the same mix, my
    birds wont eat it. please help.

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