Helping Birds in Winter

In winter bird’s natural supplies such as insects and seeds run out and many garden birds, especially the small birds do not survive the freezing winter.

This freezing winter weather can be a killer for garden birds

Putting food out for garden birds is a way to stop garden birds from dying.

Putting food out for garden birds will really help them survive and is a positive thing to do.

I know this weather makes it hard for us as well.  I myself hit a pothole and punctured two tyres one freezing evening.  At the moment  the snow is closing in near us, but if we can turn our thoughts to bird feeding we can all help our garden birds pull through the winter. 

There are many things outside our control that cause the decline of the bird population.  Feeding birds is something that is within our control.

There are may types of bird food on the market and if you would like any advice please let me know.

Putting out kitchen scraps and recycling old food is a good way to feed birds

Fruits such as apples, pears soaked dried fruit can be fed to birds.

Nuts are rich in fat.  Hazelnuts, almonds and walnuts can be fed to birds.  The most common nut we feed to birds is the peanut (unsalted peanuts)

Other kitchen scraps that can be used are cooked potatoes, rice, cake, cut up or grated cheese, ham fat.

Lard is good for birds in winter.  I often melt some lard.  When it is melted I pour it over bird food and mix it together.  This does not make a fatball – it just gives birds fat coated bird food.

Lets all join together and all put bird food out across Britain this winter.  It is really the worst weather in ages.

If you have any tips or would like advice please let  me know.

3 thoughts on “Helping Birds in Winter

  1. liz

    I put out loads of food for birds but it goes mouldy in the containers. Although I live in the city and have a small garden, i have hedges and shrubs to provide cover but simply cannot attract birds. Have you any idea why?

  2. Trish Post author

    First – He glad you got in touch.

    I would take the feeders in and take all the mouldy food out. then soak the feeders in water, say in an old bucket, to get rid of any bits of mouldy food.

    You have a garden with hedges and shrubs but cannot attract birds. Strange.

    Could you let me know what food do you put out and if you see birds around your area. Are they in the next garden?

    It could be that there is a predator about, say a cat or a sparrowhawk and the birds know this.

    Different birds eat different food. Maybe there aren’t the type of bird about that would eat the food you put out (but this isn’t likely)

    I will see if I can think of any other reason. Look forward to hearing from you. Trisha at Bird Table News

  3. Barbara Drage

    i have a similar problem to Liz. my back garden is surrounded by shrubs, trees and neighbouring gardens. i have a bird table with a roof on it. Some birds will come to the table but not feed from the feeders hanging from it. I have seed,sunflower seeds, fat balls,nuts( they will not touch whole peanuts) Are the feeders too close together? In my front garden(more open and busy)i have many sparrows and others come to feed. We had Redwings this year for the first time. Why the difference in the two sites? we have more birds come to feed where you would think they would stay away !Can anyone advise?

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