This morning I took the easy way to birdwatch – through my kitchen window.

It is a really good way to birdwatch as birds just ignore any movement inside the house.

I saw

2 blue tits


Blue Tit near my garden
Blue Tit near my garden

1 Rook

Rook at my bird feeder

Rook at my bird feeder


8 blackbirdsBlackbird

1 robin


Robin in winter
Robin in winter


3 chaffinches

4 thrushes

4 doves

1 seagull (walking with a limp)

21 tree sparrows>

1 dunnock

1 wren

5 starlings


My problem is that I found it hard to make sure theywere all tree sparrows.  Does everyone know the difference.  I haven’t submitted my sightings yet so don’t know if RSPB do distinguish between house and tree sparrows.

I saw a fleeting glimpse of a bird and was not sure if it was a wren or a dunnock.  Later on I saw one wren and then a little later a dunnock.  But it is difficult to distinguish between some birds isn’t it?



  1. lady angelina goldsmith

    There is a differents between Dunnock and Sparrows. A tree sparrow has a light grey breast and striped feathered wings a house sparrow is the same except it has black around the beak and on its chin.
    A Dunnock has stripped feathers on the wings . eyes and top of its head and has a very dark grey breast .
    No mistaking a wren its is very very small and has a very short dock tail feathered out, It also darts very quickly as the sparrow family are not so quick and not so nervous.
    I hope this is of some help.
    Garden centre tht sell bird nesting boxes often have identifying graft on the boxes . It may be worth purchasing one and have the graft pin to the surface on the viewing room of the garden.I have one and wouldnt be with out it.

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