Robin Redbreast

I’ve just  been lucky enough to pass 4 feett away from a robin red breast singing his heart out.

He was outlined against a blue sky while perching on a thin bare branch.  His red breast was showing and his face pointing to the heavens

There was just me and Mr Robin in the country lane. 

I can’t share this moment with you because I’d left my camera at home.  I can’t tell you how annoyed I am with myself for leaving the camera at home.  I’d thought it would be another ordinary walk with nothing special going on.  How wrong can you be!

 Have a good day

2 thoughts on “Robin Redbreast

  1. lynn stokes

    we have an old dead cherry tree out in our front garden its now a great feeding station and we can watch the birds from a foot away, the last two mornings there has been a bird almost like a robin but it has a white tail ,red breast and white on his back, can anyone tel us what it is please

  2. Trish Post author

    Great idea to use a dead tree as a feeding station. You’ll have a lot of fun watching the birds close up.

    If the bird is not a robin could it be a chaffinch?

    Will put a photo on Bird Table News

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