Daily Archives: January 30, 2010


This morning I took the easy way to birdwatch – through my kitchen window.

It is a really good way to birdwatch as birds just ignore any movement inside the house.

I saw

2 blue tits


Blue Tit near my garden
Blue Tit near my garden

1 Rook

Rook at my bird feeder

Rook at my bird feeder


8 blackbirdsBlackbird

1 robin


Robin in winter
Robin in winter


3 chaffinches

4 thrushes

4 doves

1 seagull (walking with a limp)

21 tree sparrows>

1 dunnock

1 wren

5 starlings


My problem is that I found it hard to make sure theywere all tree sparrows.  Does everyone know the difference.  I haven’t submitted my sightings yet so don’t know if RSPB do distinguish between house and tree sparrows.

I saw a fleeting glimpse of a bird and was not sure if it was a wren or a dunnock.  Later on I saw one wren and then a little later a dunnock.  But it is difficult to distinguish between some birds isn’t it?


Water for Birds – A reminder

I know I’ve said before that we maybe take water for granted.  Turn on a tap or buy a bottle of water.  It’s always accessible for many of us.

Insect eating birds may only have to drink once a day

Birds that feed on seeds and other dry foods will drink at least two or three times

Birds can find water from ponds, puddles, rainwater that has gathered on leaves and some times from the dew

BUT  we can help by providing a constant supply of fresh water.