Daily Archives: January 27, 2010


I live in East Yorkshire, which borders with North Yorkshire.

There are forests in North Yorkshire which are home to many birds and animals.

As they have had snow for almost a month Wildlife Officers are worried about how wildlife is surviving in the forests this winter

Birds like the goldcrest and dunnock which are insect eating birds find it hard to find food as their food is frozen under snow and ice.  To add to the worry small birds lose heat quickly and need to keep high levels of energy to see them through the winter nights.

Nocturnal birds have been seen hunting in daylight so they get enough food.  It only needs snow for a short time for birds of prey such as barn owls to find it hard to get enough food. 

Forests such as Dalby, Pickering and Wykeham forests are good for birds usually.  Inside the wood is a little warmer than outside.  The trees usually shelter birds and animals but this cold spell and all the snow has caused problems and lack of food for many birds and animals.  I live on the Yorkshire Wolds which is the opposite of the Forests.  Yorkshire Wolds has wide open spaces without any shelter for miles – yet there is a lot of bird feeding goes on.  The Forests of NorthYorkshire do usually give shelter and protection from the weather – but this cold spell has been really bad for many birds

Wildlife Officers have  a barn owl project in Dalby Forest.  They believe that many barn owls may starve –  but will have to wait to see how many of the barn owls make it through the winter.

Here’s hoping we have seen the last of the really bad weather.