Daily Archives: January 19, 2010

An old bush and a bit of lawn

When the snow was coming thick and fast this area of lawn and the old bush was a haven for the garden birds.  I put bird food under the snow covered bush.  I also put a piece of wood up against the  snow covered bush to make a sort of ‘tent’ that I could put bird food under – this kept the food free from snow.  Now the snow has gone this piece of ground looks a bit weary.

In need of care and attention

In need of care and attentionAfter the snow has melted

When the snow was here it was the most active place in the garden.  The snow has now gone and thes pictures  above show this area needs come care and attention.

The grass is chewed up and the bush looks a little sad.

When it was covered in snow it was a haven for birds.

Searching for dood

Searching for food

This is how deep the snow was and the only way to feed the birds was to keep one small area of garden clear.   Which is what I did.  Now I’ll give that patch of earth a rest!