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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-10

  • Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-01-03 http://ff.im/-dJCtl #
  • Putting up Bird Boxes http://ff.im/-dONmD #
  • VID00002.AVI http://ff.im/-dT6j2 #
  • In North Yorkshire a fox killed an entire flock of bantams. Fox only ate one or two and just left the rest #
  • Saw some bird's feathers today and also some pawprints in the snow. Fox or cat I don't know. Amazing how many tracks are in the garden snow #
  • Saw blackbirds pecking at some open soil today. Soil under the hedge not covered with snow so blackbirds will get food there #
  • Carrion crow steals fat ball from blackbird. Seagull steals same fat ball from the carrion crow. Blackbird, crow & seagull after same food #
  • Hedgerow Diversity http://ff.im/-dWbe6 #
  • Two more ways to stop large birds eating all the bird food http://ff.im/-dZqdi #
  • Helping Birds in Winter http://ff.im/-dZTD7 #
  • Help & advice needed. Can anyone think why city birds aren't eating bird food. out . Sounds crazy in this weather but it's happening #
  • http://birdtablenews.com/2009/01/chaffinch-in-winter-a-video/ Still getting chaffinches in my garden. Saw loads of them today. #
  • Why not recycle your kitchen scraps and put them out as bird food http://birdtablenews.com/2009/01/what-birds-like-to-eat-home-cooking/ #
  • Photos! I still use the same feeders.I still get loads of birds. Do you feed birds? http://birdtablenews.com/2009/02/birds-at-my-feeders/ #
  • It's so cold outside. Glad I've got a coal fire to sit round. Sad I live six miles from a shop. Glad I haven't run out of bird food #
  • Paw prints in the snow that headed towards a hedge where a lot of birds roost. It's strange being able to see the many prints in the snow #
  • Put a large piece of wood up against a bush. Made a sort of 'wooden tent' to keep bird food dry. Put bird food between the wood and the bush #
  • Brought all the hanging feeders in tonight ready for filling up in the morning #
  • Garden Birds in Winter http://ff.im/-e5vhM #

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Garden Birds in Winter

At the moment this little chappie and thousands like him are facing
  • blizzards
  • gales
  • sub zero temperatures

Blue Tit in Summer

Lets hope he survives this harsh winter and can sing and enjoy the sun in 2010

We can help.

A Blue Tit spends 85% of a winter’s day looking for food.  So it spends a lot of energy trying to find food. 

If food is available on a bird table, a hanging feeder or on the ground the birds will have more energy to see them through the freezing night.  This applies to many birds not just Blue Tits.

Lack of food can made a bird less alert and so more likely to be caught by predators, or if it does not get enough fat to last through the night it may die

Sometimes winter weather looks beautiful, but it hides the harshness of winter

Nowhere to shelter

Nowhere to shelter


If you would like a place to meet and discuss birds in winter click this link which will take you to my  Bird Table News Forum which I’m able to take part in after a break




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