Daily Archives: January 9, 2010


I’ve received this question from Liz.  I don’t know the answer for certain. Can anyone help?

I put out loads of food for birds but it goes mouldy in the containers.  Although I live in the city and have a small garden, i have hedges and shrubs to provide cover but simply cannot attract birds.  Have you any idea why?

 I  replied –

First – He glad you got in touch. 

You have a garden with  hedges and shrubs but cannot attract birds.  Strange.

Could you let me know what food do you put out and if you see birds around your area.  Are they in the next garden?

It could be that there is a predator about, say a cat or a sparrowhawk and the birds know this. 

Different birds eat different food. Maybe there aren’t the type of bird about that would eat the food you put out (but this isn’t likely)

I would take the feeders in and  take all the mouldy food out.  then soak the feeders in water, say in an old bucket, to get rid of any bits of  mouldy food.  Dry the feeders out .  Let me know what type of bird food you use. 

I will see if I can think of any other reason. Look forward to hearing from you. Trisha at Bird Table News


I need help here.  The weather is freezing, there is bird food about but the birds aren’t coming for it.  I have just been writing how important it is to put bird food out for birds – life is strange sometimes.