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Hedgerow Diversity

Should we put our hedgerows to work for diversity of hedgerow species? 

This could be on farmland, in gardens, perhaps in parks.

In the North of England where I live  a lot of the hedges are Hawthorn.  Another name for Hawthorn is Quickthorn because it grows quickly.  They were planted to make good stockproof boundaries. 

Could we also grow other  productive hedges such as –

  • bramble (blackberry)
  • tayberry
  • elder
  • plum
  • damson
  • greengage
  • pears
  • cherries
  • gooseberries – can produce dense thorny hedges

Once established fruit hedges should grow and prosper with no input of fertilisers or sprays.


In the United States the blackberry is valued and yields can be high.

On the Isle of Wight some hedgerows near public footpaths are made up of a lot of native fruit


What do you think?

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