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Another way to keep pigeons off birdtables

Here is a lovely and practical comment I received

It is in reply to an article I wrote about how I keep pigeons off bird tables and yet let blackbirds and thrushes in.  The way I found that worked is to put a circle of canes in the ground around the birdtable . 

Click the link to see the article  –  http://birdtablenews.com/2009/02/how-to-keep-pigeons-off-a-bird-table/

Here is another way –

I would first of all like to thank Trish for her inspiration.

I cannot stand grey pigeons, as they finish enough food to feed 4 or 5 of the smaller birds in my garden. So through searching for advice on how to keep pigeons away from the bird table I stumbled upon Trish’s idea of placing canes around the table.

I thought I might take this a step further and incorporate the canes into the table itself creating a more aesthetically pleasing table. I ended up purchasing a table  along with a strip of floor edging to act as my canes.
Instead of boring you with the details of how I made the table pigeon proof, I thought I might post pictures up instead (as soon as I know how) which are self-explanatory.

The pigeons have tried to enter the ‘house’ but being too big they couldn’t balance on any part of the table apart from the roof.

All other birds however have been enjoying the treats I have put out for them which in previous days would have been finished by the pigeons before the smaller birds even got a taste. This has all been happening while the pigeons sit on the fence and wonder how they are going to enter, but all their attempts have failed!
Thanks Trish!
(Pics up soon!)


Brilliant idea to put the canes on the birdtable itself.  I would never have thought of that in a million years.

I’m really looking forward to seeing the photographs

It is true that pigeons can eat so much bird food which would feed 5 or 6 small birds.  It is also true that this costs money that I cannot afford.  So I have had lots of enjoyment seeing smaller birds on the birdtable and inside the ring of canes. 

What a lovely comment.   It’s wonderful how practical ideas can be spread by the Internet.

It’s lovely to be called an inspiration – and all because of some garden canes and a bird table

What a lovely way to start 2010


April 2010  – Another way to help small birds from Arlene

My bird table has a roof and has been enclosed by my husband on three sides by the largest plastic mesh I  could find~ the open side nearest the lounge window.

It took  awhile for them to get used to it but they hop through as though it wasn’t there now.
All the little birds hop through the mesh or through the side bits under the roof and the bigger birds such as Blackbirds come round the back.


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