Song Bird Survival Research Project

I spend money on bird food and I’ve planted some plants and shrubs that attract birds.

I feel it would be a good idea if I spent  some money helping research to save our songbirds.

Songbird Survival have joined with the Centre for Agri-Environmental Research (CAER) at Reading University to carry out a review of predation research.

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The aim is –
1.  Describe the state of current knowledge on predation
2. Evaluate evidence that links changes in predator populations with changes in the numbers of their avian prey
3. Find key issues that are needed for future research.

This project will provide Songbird Survival with knowledge and is part of a process to find the best way to save our songbirds and manage our wildlife and biodiversity. 

Songbird survival are currently seeking funding – can you help



I belong to Songbird Survival.  To find our more about them CLICK HERE

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