Jeannie Wren

A few days ago in the early morning sunshine  when sunlight sparkled through the branches of the trees a Jenny Wren appeared in a tree.

It’s tail flicked at every moment it made.  She was maybe foraging for food among the leaves that were still on the trees.  She seemed to look at me and then carried on.  She had something in her beak but could not see what.

I managed to watch her for a few minutes then she flew away.

After Jenny Wren had gone I thought about how much energy was bound up in that small bundle of feathers.

There is no safety net for her life.  She knows she has to find food or starve, but I bet she’s not afriad of a new day.  In a way it’s a courage that we don’t have.

I say bless em all. 

I,m lucky to have been in the right place at the right time to see her.  

A few minutes later the peace was shattered as a squirrel and a pigeon appeared near the bird table at the same time.  This is not a squirrel sanctuary.

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