Feeding Birds at Christmas and in Winter

In winter birds use a lot of energy searching for food as  natural bird food is scarce.  Putting food out does help birds survive.

Putting any left over Christmas food out is a good idea. 

Here is a list of food you can feed to birds


  • Mild Cheese – grated or just crumbled and broken
  • The fat from the cooking can be used. I soak bread in water and then soak this bread in the melted fat before putting it out for birds.  The fat can also be used to mix with bird food.  This way there is double energy – bird food and fat in one meal. 
  • Any left over cakes and buns
  • Chopped up apples.
  • Dried food that has been soaked. 
  • Left over roast potatoes. 
  • Christmas Cake and Christmas pudding.  These are a really good food for birds. 
  • Unsalted nuts – and we have a lot of those at Christmas

Here is a list of food you should not feed to birds


  • Stuffing
  • Chocolate
  • Cooked vegetables
  • crisps
  • salted nuts
  • cooked meat


First thing in a morning birds are hungry
After surviving a cold night birds need energy to keep them going through the day. For this reason putting bird food out first thing in a morning is probably the best time

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  1. Colin

    HI, Love the site. Can you tell me the best place on line to order up bulk supplies of quality wild bird seed, peanuts and Niger seed. I buy 20 kg bags and pay £13 to £18 a bag. The gold finch only ever appear when I fill the Niger seed feeder! Thanks

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