Birds feeding on a tatty old bird table – A Video




It’s an old tatty bird table, but what a lot of birds got some benefit from it! 

I don’t have this birdtable any more but it was a good birdtable as the tray was deep and so the bird food did not blow off.  It also gave shelter to birds when they were feeding.

Excuse the background noise – I am not sure what it is. 

How many different birds can you see. I saw 3, but if I watch it again I’m sure I’ll see more


Again I can’t see exactly when I recorded this video, but I’m enjoying myself going back over some of the videos I took.  Three cheers for RIVA Encoder!

2 thoughts on “Birds feeding on a tatty old bird table – A Video

  1. John

    Hello Tricia.
    I spotted four species:-
    Tree Sparrow

    Hope you and yours are keeping well. John

  2. Trish Post author

    Hi John, good to hear from you. How is your blog going and how are you?
    We are OK here in Yorkshire – not looking forward to the snow that is supposed to come this week.

    Take care. Trisha

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