Bird Feeding on Christmas Morning

The snow is still here.  It is still freezing cold and not thawing yet.

The blackbirds are the bravest, or most starving birds, as they stay close by as I put the bird food out.

One blackbird was sat on the fence at eye level with me.  I walked up to.  It stayed still until I got very close to it then it hopped a branch away.  If I had stretched out my hand I could have touched it.  It seemed to be looking me in the eye for part of the time.   

Thinking of wildlife on Christmas Day seems a good thing to do really. 

The sun is shining through and the snow looks deceptively lovely.  I’m glad there is blue sky shining through today and that the blizzards and snow seems to have stopped.

The pond where a lot of wild birds gather is still frozen.  I see a variety of birds walking on the ice looking for water.  For some reason they look funny.

 I’ve put an upturned black dustbin lid there filled with water and sparrows, blackbirds plus others I can’t make out are using this water – so that is a good job done.

I filled three feeders up this morning and already one is empty!  These wild birds certainly bring life to this corner of my garden. 

They make me turn out on a morning.  I see them frantically pecking at empty feeders and hear blackbirds singing / shouting. 

 Got to go now.  It’s present time.

 May the spirit of Christmas stay in our hearts and souls all year round. Merry Christmas!!

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