A few notes about water and bird feeding

 Have just put together three articles about birds  in winter that I have written previously

Thought they may interest you.  They are below these notes I’ve written

There has been so much snow here and I have been shovelling snow away from the feeders.  There has been so much snow it has covered the ground feeder and the old containers I put on the ground to throw bird food in.  It was freezing.

I used the coal shovel to shovel the snow away and leave green patches of frozen earth near the garden bush where I put the bird food. 

The blackbirds and thrushes were unusally brave and stayed close by watching me shovelling the snow and putting the bird food out.  There is now a frenzy of feeding at the feeders so it was worth it.

Funnily enough the main problem I had was trying to get fresh water for these birds.  The pond has frozen over and is covered in inches of snow.  Yesterday I put some water in a container and within two hours it was frozen solid.

BIRDS CAN SURVIVE THE WINTER IF WE PUT FOOD OUT  –   One of the things it says is if we put bird food then birds don’t have to spend hours using their engery scratting for food.  They will have more engery to survive the freezing nights  

WATER FOR BIRDS –  This was written in Summer – but birds do need water all year round .  Our pond is frozen over and is covered in inches of snow.  This morning I’ve spent a while looking for water container for fresh water for the birds.  Photos to follow


BIRDS IN WINTER  –   Things don’t change much round here.  I’m still putting bird food out.  The birds are flocking to the feeders because of the snow and freezing weather. 


Photos to follow when I find the lead that goes from the camera to the computer

1 thought on “A few notes about water and bird feeding

  1. Frank

    Tip for freezing water in bird baths.
    Use a plastic liner(old plastic bags work well) then fill with water.
    Place in bird bath.
    When water is frozen just lift liner out a lot easier than breaking ice up or using hot water.

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