Daily Archives: December 24, 2009


Happy Christmas everyone,

Infant holy,
Infant lowly
For His bed a cattle stall;
Oxen lowing,
Little knowing,
Christ the Babe is Lord of all.
Swift are winging,
Angels singing,
Nowells ringing,
Tidings bringing,
Christ the Babe is Lord of all.

Flocks were sleeping;
Shepherds keeping,
Vigil till the morning new
Saw the glory,
Heard the story,
Tidings of a Gospel true.
Thus rejoicing,
Free from sorrow,
Praises voicing,
Greet the morrow,
Christ the Babe was born for you


Hope everyone has a Happy Christmas

Bird Like Dinosaurs had poisonous bites

A skull and part of the skeleton of a dinosaur has been found at the site of a prehistoric forest in north East China.

The dinosaur had teeth that are like teeth of rear-fanged snakes and venomous lizards. 

Some of the fang like teech which are on the upper jaw had grooves that scientists think poison ‘flowed’ through. 

So this dinosaur may killed its prey by poisoning it. 

The dinosaur that was found is a feathered raptor. 

It was about the size of a turkey and 128 million years ago it preyed on birds using its fangs.

A bird with a bite that delivers poison.  I wonder why it died out.