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I’v forgotten to clean all the bird boxes out

It has been raining again today.  I’ve been putting a lot of bird food today as it got eaten extra quickly!

It was nearly dusk.  I was watching a few sparrows perching on top of the branches of the laurel hedge for a minute – before they hopped inside the hedge to roost.

I then saw the bird boxes which are in the back of the garden and realised I hadn’t cleaned them all out.  It’s really annoying because at this time of year I think they are used on a night by a few birds – as shelter and a roost for the night.

Will have to get round to cleaning them out within the next day or so.  Just hope it doesn’t stop any birds roosting in them.

The yearly cleaning out of bird boxes is a job I don’t like.  The husband usually helps.  You need rubber gloves and hot water when doing this job.  It doesn’t take long and cleaning them helps kill any bacteria that are in the box and could infect young birds next year.

So that’s one job for next week already!

Milk Bottles and Blue Tits

The milkman delivers milk to the door.  This is an everyday occurance for some people.

Blue Tits have learnt how to break the milk bottle top and get to the milk.

In the 1950’s nearly the whole population of blue tits had learnt how to get to the rich creamy milk that lay beneath the milk bottle tops!

They passed this knowledge onto their young.

Strangely if a robin learns how to do this they never seem to pass the knowledg on.

This access for blue tits gave them a greater means of survival.

Over the years the amount of milk the milkman delivers has dropped as people get milk from supermarkets.  (What would Richard Hanny in the story ‘The 39 Steps’ have made of that)

Now it seems the milkman may soon be a thing of the past in our area.  The number of customers they deliver to is dwindling as people buy more from supermarkets. 

The cost of petrol is going up so the cost of delivery is going up.  the milkman has to buy the milk at a higher price than the supermarkets do.  Everything is against the milkman.

It is a shame because bottled milk is recycle friendly.

Guest Posting

Would you like to write about any of your birding experiences. 

It could be the fact you put bird food out every day

It could be that you have seen an unusual bird

It could be you just would like to write about garden birds, birds of prey, anything to do with birds in fact

Drop me a line on the either by email or on the comments box.  We can work together if it would help

I’d love to hear from you


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