Bird Feeding on a Cold, wet and windy morning

Daylight is here – just.  so is the wind and rain.  It’s a dark morning.  A wild and wonderful morning.

A morning like this can bring bird feeding problems – and it has.

The extra hanging bird feeder I put up is swinging in the wind.  The leaves that protected it in summer have gone and it is open to the elements.

The bird table has blown over, along with all the garden canes that I had circled round it to keep the larger birds off.  I will have to find a better way to make sure it stays standing

I know the bird food I put out on the ground feeder will soon get wet so I push this ground feeder further into the cover of the small bush in the garden.

I’ve put a variety of bird food out on the other bird table I have – this is in a more sheltered part and it is still standing, but the rain is pouring down on the food.

Have to go now.


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