Daily Archives: November 30, 2009

Rain, Rain and more rain

There has been so much rain lately. 

We live on the Yorkshire Wolds which is very chalky and the rain soaks through the chalk and away – usually.  Our lawn is ‘soggy’  with the rain which is a very rare

There is more mud than usual all over the place.

The rain is pouring down the guttering and overflowing.

The sky has been full of rain and lashing down.

Part of me knows we are lucky we get enough rain in this country.  I know people who live in areas of the world where lack of water is an issue – but there must be a happy medium somewhere.

The towns of York and Pickering have had some flooding.

Further away in Cumbria there has been flooding caused by so much water coming off the peaks.  I heard one farmer on the television say he ‘loved his farm’ and did not want to leave.  The water was rushing through parts of his farm.

I’m glad we’ve got a thick evergreen hedge in the garden.  I was thinking of cutting it back, but I know that a lot of birds shelter inside it.  It’s also more good luck than management that we have a fence at the back of the hedge so that also makes the hedge a good roosting place.

I’ve seen a few birds fly between the hedge and the bird feeders.  

The meshed ground feeder needed cleaning as rain had clogged the bird food to it – but that didn’t take long.

I have had two interesting comments lately.  One from a lady about – should we keep pigeons off birdtables

The second one was from a young man in Costa Rica  who said  “Barn swallow migration near my house, I saw around 30 flying directly to the south. I didn’ t expect to see the migration here…”

I must ask him if there is rain in Costa Rica.  Amazing I can do that (if the internet connection allows me to)

Amazing how different people like birds.  It is worldwide

Internet problems

I am having internet problems with Bird Table News.  Sometimes I cannot connect.

I must admit I’m not the most technical person and I find it so annoying that I can’t connect to my own blog!

If you have the same problem connecting please email me at birdytrish@googlemail.com or if you manage to get onto the site then drop me a line in the comments box.

Hope it will soon be sorted out.

There isn’t any rhyme or reason to when the problem will happen.  The other day the internet connection clicked off when I was in the middle of doing something with birdtablenews.

It’s so annoying.   This never happens when you use pen and paper!