Daily Archives: November 25, 2009

Chris Packham gives good advice

Chris Packham gives such good advice.  He sums up why it’s important to keep on putting bird food out through the year.  He supports Garden Bird Supplies and this is what he says –

At this time of year keeping your feeders full with a constant supply of good quality food is really important. In the winter birds try to conserve as much energy as possible to keep themselves warm at night and to help them find their next meal. Once they find a constant supply of food they’ll stay nearby ensuring the energy they gain from their food is greater than the energy they spent looking for it.

There’s no better way of knowing you’re doing your bit to help the birds survive the coldest months of the year than when regular visitors have appeared to ‘set up camp’ in your garden. If there’s a constant supply of food, why go anywhere else?

Remember, a trip to an empty feeder is a waste of valuable energy – your garden birds are relying on you to keep your feeders full during the winter. Stock up and keep them visiting!

Chris Packham


I so wish I could sum things up as well.  Lets just Feed the Birds!