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Garden Bird Supplies – Soft Bill Bird Mix

Blackbirds, thrushes, robins and wagtails are amongst the birds that DO NOT have a beak that is good for cracking seeds.  Because of their beaks these birds are called SOFTBILLS 

Garden Bird Supplies have a very good Soft Bill Mix which is a blend of wheat, barley, oats and maize together with sultanas

Garden Bird Supplies soft bill mix is also good because –

1. It gives you great bird feeding results with no waste

2. It is a special mix which has good quality bird food for soft bill birds who have difficulty eating most seeds and grain.

3. Gives softbill birds their own food source  in winter 

4. It is pre treated to make it easy for these birds to eat

5.The softbill mix is a boost and a help to these birds in Spring when they are busy laying eggs and rearing their young.

6. Birds such as blackbirds and thrushes will definitely eat this softbill birdfood.  Because of the shape of their beaks they have difficulty with the tough outer skin of most seeds and grain that we feed other birds so this is a treat for them.

7. This softbill mix can be fed all year round.

8. You can enjoy watching the results of feeding these ground feeding birds. I know I do.

9.  Quite often the more traditional garden bird gets left behind when it comes to feeding.  This mix caters specifically for our ground feeding birds.  Sultanas are amongst the bird mixture and these are popular with our soft-fruit loving birds.

10.  It can be put on the bird table or put on a ground feeder.

Garden Bird Supplies

Garden Bird Supplies



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