Daily Archives: November 16, 2009

Cedar Wood Nest Box

Now is a good time to put up a nest box.  It gives birds somewhere to roosts on a night and is ready for Spring when they will use it for nesting.

I’ve been finding out about Cedar Wood Nest Boxes and they seem really good.

  • Cedar Wood Nest Boxes need little maintenance and last a long time
  • Cedar Wood has good insulation properties.  This means cedar wood nest boxes will be warmer.  A warmer nest box is better for the young, newly hatched chicks.
  • A bird that roosts in a relatively warm cedar wood nestbox will be in good condition when Spring arrives and means they willhave more energy to feed themselves and their young.
  • Warmer nest boxes encourage birds to lay their eggs earlier and this gives the clutch a better chance of surviving.
  • No varnishing or preservative treatments need to be used on the nest box.

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