Daily Archives: November 11, 2009

Chaffinch chasing a blue tit away

I have just been watching a chaffinch and a blue tit on my birdtable.

It’s interesting to see birds side by side.  I wish I’d had my camera near me.

The chaffinch was bigger than the blue tit.  At first I just thought how much difference in colour there is between birds.

Then I saw the chaffinch hop towards the blue tit and sent it packing off the bird table.

The blue tit flew round to the other side of the bird table so it was now behind the chaffinch.  It managed to get a bit of bird food until the chaffinch saw it and again walked towards it.

The chaffinch and the blue tit were face to face, but the chaffinch was walking towards the blue tit and the blue tit had to walk backwards until it got to the edge of the bird table and it flew away again.  Only to return behind the chaffinch again. 

The chaffinch was certainly in charge and managed to feed on the bird food in peace.

After the chaffinch had flown away the blue tit landed (like an aeroplane coming into an airstrip) and pecked away in peace.

It was very interesting.  I have never seen this happen before and I have had chaffinches and blue tits at my bird feeders for years.  Maybe food was scarce

Better go and put some more bird food out I suppose