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I feed the birds with a variety of bird food every day in all weathers.  I’ve had a problem with gale force winds blowing bird seed out of the bird feeder.  It is so annoying when this happens as you can see the seed blowing out of the feeder and can also see the birds trying to get seed from the same feeder.

I have now received  two pieces of advice and I think they are such good ideas.

Hi Trisha, I have the problem of seed escaping from hanging seed feeders in strong wind.  I had the same problem because when the wind tips the feeder sideways it is easy for the seed to flow out.

One solution stop the feeder from blowing about.  I tried the following with success!

My feeders hang from a horizontal length of wood fixed to the top of a two inch square post.  Under the seed feeder I put a small platform of wood.  The sparrows much prefer to sit on this to feed.  On the platform is a small angle bracket which just fits into a tube which is part of the bottom of the plastic feeder.  The feeder can vibrate a bit but lost only a negligable amount of seed in the last high winds we had.  Enclosed is an attached picture which will hopefully make my explanation clearer.

The platform is too small for large birds but pleased to say I do get the occasional blackbird managing to balance on it for a short while.

Keeping Bird Feeders Secure in High Winds

Keeping Bird Feeders Secure in High Winds

The second way I tried with success was to fix a length of stiff wire fromthe bottomof the feeder to the central post.  Unforftunatly this made it too easy for greedy doves to perch and empty the seeds.
Thanks J for those two ideas.  I will use the second idea for now as I can easily get a length of stiff wire and fix it from the bottom of the feeder then wrap it onto  the fence to anchor it.