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A Dark October Morning In Yorkshire – A video

Here again is a video taken a few days ago with my Disgo Video.  Here again there isn’t a bird in sight!

Apologies for there not being a bird in this video,  but this is the environment that the wild birds live in here so I thought I would show it.  Every hedge and shelter must be important for them.

I often see birds skurrying along the ground under the  hedgerow  and hopping along the branches of hedges or skimming low near a hedge.  I suppose it could be that they are taking advantage of shelter the hedge gives – and food that is in the hedge.

There has been people farming here for over 4,000 years.  I wonder how long birds have lived here.

It was really windy when I was walking and I wouldn’t have liked to stay outside all day searching for food – like all wildlife have to do.  I’m glad we’ve got shelter from any bad weather.

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