Panasonic Digital Camera photographs

Here are some photographs I have taken with my Panasonic Digital Camera.

I am not the most technical of people, but I do like using this camera.  I know the photos below are not professional – but they are for me.  I enjoy taking photographs and my Panasonic Lumix Camera helps me.  They are ordinary every day photos that tell a story of the Yorkshire Wolds.

I can carry this camera with me and know I can take photos any time.  It’s great.

Yorkshire hedge that birds shelter in through the winter night

I took the photo below because it shows two different berries in the same hedgerow.  Two lots of meals for birds! 

I know that my panasonic camera has the ability to take a much better photograph than I have done here. That, to me, is what makes things interesting.  I will be learning more about this camera and improving my photographing skills at the same time. This camera has a lot to teach me.


The Yorkshire Wolds  

Panasonic Digital Camera photograph Panasonic Digital Camera photograph


We have had a fox taking some chickens.  The chickens that were taken by the fox never stayed near the cockerill.  This cockerill makes such a noise sometimes and we know a fox is about.  We only have 4  hens left now (we used to have 11).  These 4 hens stay close to the cockerill

A protective Cockerill A protective Cockerill
For someone like me to be learning and enjoying using a Panasonic Digital Camera is amazing.  I  always thought that digital camera would be too technical for me.  They are technical, but I am enjoying learning.  It makes taking photogaphs interesting – I know I need more technical ability but with out my Panasonic Digital Lumix Camera I would not have the chance to learn.
Please send my your photographs.  I can put them on my Bird Table News site or on my Bird Table News forum.  If I start putting photographs on my forum you will be able to compare camera’s and photographs with other people.

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