Nature Poetry

Nature Poetry – poetry about anything to do with nature.  Birds are a part of nature.

The Book  THE POETRY OF BIRDS seems an interesting exciting nature poetry book

There are some amazing birds in this world and it seems there is also some amazing nature poetry about birds.

The Poetry of Birds has been put together by one birdwatcher and one poet.

Simon Armitage is the poet and Tim Dee is the birdwatcher.  What a wonderful combinatin.

I have always liked  poetry and I have always liked garden birds.  Nature poetry – poetry  about wild birds -to have this combination in one book is amazing.  I have  put  poetry / nursery rhymes that have a connection with birds on Bird Table News, but it would be wonderful to have a book such as The Poetry of Birds.  I’m sure I would read it more than once – it would be a nature poetry book to savour!

The poems range from  a 14C poem about a Thrush to the modern nature poet Alice Oswald.

Poets observe things in detail and often have see things with a different eye. I wonder what other poems this nature book has in store

There are so many different types of birds to write poetry about.  The wren, the eagle, the sparrow, the seagull, the robin, the crow, the blue tit, the rook, the swallow, the owl.  All so different yet classed under one heading ‘birds’.  I wonder if this bird nature book covers all those birds.

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