I have just been buying some bird food in bulk. I bought some  GARDMANS NO MESS SEED MIX

It is 12.75 kg (28 lbs).

At the moment I’m putting it into one bird feeder, one bird table and two ground feeders .

It is BSA Approved

It is a very useful birdseed because it –

  • Can be used on the ground
  • Can be used on bird tables
  • Can be used in seed feeders
  • It is a NO GROW SEED MIX – so nothing will sprout and grow.

Among the birds it attracts are –

  • Greenfinches
  • chaffinches
  • nuthatches,
  • blue tits,
  • siskins
  • dunnocks
  • blackbirds,
  • doves,
  • buntings
  • song thrushes
  • and sparrows

I’m getting a frenzy of birds feeding at the ground feeders near my kitchen window and also at the bird table.  I get a number of blackbirds, thrushes, loads of sparrows, doves, blue tits and others that flit on and off the bird table.  They really do bring the garden to life and amuse me as I watch their antics.  They have claimed an old fruit bush as their outdoor cafe and I put a lot of the bird food around that area.

 The 28lb bag cost me £15.49 so it should last a long time.  I will keep track of how long this bag of bird seed lasts.

This bag of bird food contains a blend of seeds that is attractive and nutritious to wild birds.  Also it will not generate any messy waste as all the uneatable seed husk has been taken away.

As I live 6 miles from a shop I find buying in bulk is useful, but I have to remember to budget for it! 

I have some dustbins in the back porch where I store the bird food – very useful on a darkm cold morning to have the birdfood in the porch instead of outside in an old shed.

If you have any special bird food you use, or any containers you use for storing bird food please let me know.

To find out more about bird feeding – Click on the image below to find out more or to buy the book.

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