English Fox Climbing a Tree

Hi Trisha,  Thought you might be interested in a couple of bird incidents that have happened in my back garden earlier in the year.

We live in the suburbs of Newcastle and have a tree in the garden which is regularly nested by blackbirds, pigeons, finches and wrens.

One morning about 4am in May there was such a commotion in the tree – the blackbirds were screaming – that I got up and went outside to find three dead blackbird chicks and a pigeon chick.  Thinking the nest had been predated by a cat I sat watching the corpses for about 10 minutes when to my surprise a fox came into the garden and picked up all the chicks.  Either the fox was exceptionally lucky to have found them or it can climb trees! – see Video below of a fox climbing a tree



R –  Thanks again for sharing your story / memories with me.

I’ve seen a crow eating a blackbird and the other year I came across some dead chicks (gollies)  strewn all over the lawn.  I still don’t know what killed them.  something must have dropped them so far from their nest, buy why they were not eaten I do not know.

Our cultivated gardens are home to wildlife and we can’t control what wildlife does.  This maybe is part of the attraction of gardens.

I’ve lived in the countryside all my life and I have never heard of foxes climbing trees.  I’m amazed.  Because I’ve seen the video with my own eyes I now believe foxes can climb.  Foxes are very clever animals.  they can make home underground and also climb trees.

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