Eastern Crowned Warbler

The Eastern Crowned Warbler is normally seen in China and Indonesia but on Friday an Eastern Crowned Warbler was seen in the North East of England

It seems it is possible that strong winds have blown this bird off its normal course and it has ended up in the North East of England.  Hope it survives.  Another possibility is that this bird was born with its ‘navigation’ not working properly

It is very rare to see an Eastern Crowned Warbler in Britain and it has caused a lot of excitement in the Bird World. 

This bird is more than likely to fly when the stars come out – in starlight, so if this Eastern Crowned Warbler is sleeping during the day there may not be much chance of getting a photograph of it, which is a pity

Swallows that are late migrating, Eastern Crowned Warblers that have been blown off course. There is a lot going on amongst migrating birds. 

Some warblers can fly up to 8,000 miles in just a few days.

To have any chance to see such a rare bird you really do need a really good camera.  I would imagine a tripod would be necessary as well – to balance and steady the camera so you could get a good photo.

I find myself wondering what the Eastern Crowned Warbler eats. If it had been found in my neck of the woods I would be out there with bits food that may help it survive. 

I have been trying to get find a photograph of an Eastern Crowned Warbler.  If you click the link below it takes you to a lovely photograph of an Eastern Crowned Warbler


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