Dizzy Spells

Health is everything isn’t it really? 

A few years ago I started to feel dizzy on some mornings.  The room swam and I did not know up from down. I couldn’t walk because the room was spinning.  I felt sick for hours afterwards. I went to the Doctor who said it was an inner ear infection and I had debris in my ear.

I thought I would try Alternative Medicine and  I went to The Herbal Inn in Scarborough.  They said my blood was low, my neck was stiff and so the blood was not getting to my head.  This was causing my problem.

I took their medication and I have not felt dizzy since. 

For a few days I haven’t felt 100% and yesterday I felt headachy and a bit lightheaded.  I really wanted to feel my best for my daughters wedding and did not want to feel ill on THE BIG DAY (My elder daughter is getting married on Saturday).

I went to the Herbal Inn again.  They said this problem can be a complicated one to solve as it can be caused by a lot of different reasons. After having a diagnosis by the Chinese Doctor I had acupuncture on my neck and shoulder and I am going to take some herbs.

I feel better already.   

I feel as though I am 100% again and can pop out and fill the feeders, sort the bird table out, clean the ground feeder and go for a walk.   I know I will feel fine for THE BIG DAY

I believe in herbs.  I read somewhere that it is believed that birds line their nests with certain herbs. They do this as the herbs  kill bacteria in the nest and so keep the young healthy.

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