Bird Table blown over by the wind

It’s a lovely morning on this Monday morning.  Just one bit of a problem – the wind has blown the bird table over. 

It would be really easy to lift this birdtable up and put it upright –  but it is the birdtable that I surrounded with garden canes that has been blown over.

This means the canes are all tangled up together like some spider’s web made of garden canes! Trying to put the bird table back up was a bit difficult as the canes kept sticking in the ground and getting taffled up with each other which stopped the bird table balancing upright.

Anyway I managed it – but the canes aren’t back surrounding the bird table yet. That will take a bit of time.  

Perhaps I’d better explain that I surrounded this birdtable with garden canes to stop large birds getting onto the bird table and taking all the food.  It really works.  I don’t have any more rooks, crows and pigeons on the bird table and it’s great to see the garden birds, including the blackbirds and thrushes fly between the canes and settle down to eat the bird food. 

The canes also mean that while they are on the bird table the garden birds are safe from sparrowhawks diving onto them.

Feeding birds, messing about with bird tables – and it’s still only 7.15 in the morning – time for a cuppa.

Gave a good day.

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